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This class is not yet available for sale - Please contact Patron Services for more information at (301) 280-1660


Creative Drama: Create a Story

8 Weeks
Thursdays, 1/18-3/15
Grades K-2
Class #5350

In this creative drama class, students use familiar folktales and fairytales as the basis for building and acting out new stories that they collaborate on and create together. Students bring their stories to life--developing and using the actor’s tools of the body, voice, mind, and imagination. Students also learn to improvise, and they will gain a deeper understanding of character and environment. Parents are invited to observe the last 30 minutes of the last class for an informal sharing where students share what they have learned in class.

Please note that in order for a student to attend this class, s/he must be currently enrolled at Fallsmead Elementary School.