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Summer Production: 4 A.M. / The Magic Hour

2 Weeks
Monday - Friday, 6/18-6/29
Grades 9-12
Class #5642

High school actors rehearse and perform a play in The Reeve Studio Theatre! Under the guidance of one of our professional directors and some guest teaching artists, actors perform this work in the black-box theatre style, wherein actors rely on their use of body, voice, and strong acting technique to carry the story. Jumping right into rehearsal, actors experience a professional and intensive process that is fast-paced and fun over the course of two weeks.

This year’s production is a double billing of Jonathan Dorf’s beautiful plays 4 A.M. and The Magic Hour. 4 A.M. introduces us to a group of teens wide-awake and wrestling with the changes and stresses in their lives. Through a vignette-like series of correlative scenes and monologues, we meet an early-morning jogger, a radio DJ whose show may not have an audience, a modern Romeo and Juliet, and many other teens searching for clarity and connection. The Magic Hour returns to these characters and the world of 4 A.M. one year later to explore how their journeys have progressed and to answer the questions taunting them while the rest of the world is asleep.