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<b>5-Show Play Package</b>

For the very best value, attend all five shows for only $60 (more than a 50% savings)! To secure the best seats, subscribers are strongly encouraged to contact the Box Office directly prior to August 14 when tickets become available to the general public. (Not to worry, we will get you the best available seats anytime you are ready to book!)

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The Smartest Girl in the World   ·   More Info »
<font size="2">The Smartest Girl in the World</font>

October 7-29, 2017
By Miriam Gonzales
Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer
Best for ages 6+

Studious Leo and his younger sister Lizzy couldn’t be more different. But, the two share dreams of becoming successful and making life easier for their overworked parents. When Mami and Papi forbid Leo to accept a place on his school’s TV Challenge team due to his chronic illness, Lizzy studies up to compete in his stead. But, the plan backfires when Leo feels jealous rather than grateful. Can Lizzy win the competition and regain her brother’s love?

Charlotte's Web   ·   More Info »
<font size="2">Charlotte's Web</font>

November 18, 2017-January 7, 2018
Based on the Book by E. B. White
Adapted by Joseph Robinette
Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer
Best for Ages 5+

In this beloved classic (now infused with live music!), Fern, a soft-hearted farm girl, forms an unlikely bond with Wilbur, a charismatic pig. At the Zuckerman Farm, Wilbur meets a silly goose, a moody sheep, a selfish rat, and Charlotte, a clever spider. In an effort to save her friend, Charlotte weaves flattering messages about him into her web that cause a sensation in the small town. Fall in love with your favorite characters all over again as they bring this “radiant” tale from page to stage this holiday season!

The Princess & The Pauper - A Bollywood Tale   ·   More Info »
<font size="2">The Princess & The Pauper - A Bollywood Tale</font>

February 10-March 18, 2018
By Anu Yadav
Inspired by the Mark Twain classic
Music by Ashwin Subramanian
Directed by Janet Stanford
Best for ages 5+

Set in long ago India, this Bollywood-inspired adaptation of the classic Mark Twain novel shows how the common people work long hours to support the luxurious lifestyle of those in the palace. As a corrupt Wazir plots to steal the throne from the Sultan’s heirs, a spoiled Princess Razia forces a shy dressmaker’s daughter, Zainab, to exchange places with her. Razia gradually discovers how unfairly the people are treated, and resolves to become a just leader. But, can she expose the Wazir’s villainy before he is crowned? In a madcap finale, Razia, Zainab, and all of the people of Dehli rise up to crash the coronation.

Robin Hood   ·   More Info »
<font size="2">Robin Hood</font>

April 14-May 20, 2018
By Greg Banks
Directed by Janet Stanford
Best for ages 4+

In this story from the traditional English folklore, Chris Dinolfo (JACK and Phil, Slayers of Giants-INC) plays the title role! Our hero sides with the townsfolk against the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham and the even crueler, greedier King John. With his band of Merry Men and the lovely Maid Marian, Robin robs the rich to help the poor. Experience all the fun in Sherwood Forest—sword fighting, bows and arrows, and miraculous escapes!

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown   ·   More Info »
<font size="2">You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown</font>

June 23-August 12, 2018
Based on the Comic Strip “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schulz
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Clark M. Gesner
Additional Dialogue by Michael Mayer
Additional Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
Directed by Aaron Posner
Best for Ages 5+

Don’t miss your chance to see the comic strip characters of the lovable “Peanuts” gang comic brought to life in Summer 2018! This hit Off-Broadway musical is directed by acclaimed playwright and director Aaron Posner (Ford’s Theatre, Arena Stage, Folger Theatre, Signature Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, and many more!). Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, and Schroeder as they sing and dance their way through the timeless struggles of childhood. This show features catchy songs, including “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, and is the perfect family outing for the young and young at heart!

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