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FUNdamentals of Musical Theatre

10 weeks
Thursdays, 9/20-11/29
Grades 4-5
Class #5753

This class marks the beginning of the musical theatre track at Imagination Stage! This class combines two of the three disciplines that make up the art of musical theatre: acting and singing. In FUNdamentals of Musical Theatre, students work on creating believable characters for the stage as well as developing singing skills. Students participate in fun acting activities that focus on realistic actions and reactions. Students build basic vocal technique by developing healthy singing practices, warm-up routines, and musicianship skills. Through games and activities, students build a strong and caring ensemble and create an environment of trust where they can effectively explore, make big choices, and take risks! At the end of the semester, students share two to four musical theatre selections from popular Broadway musicals. Their work on these song selections utilizes the skills they have been learning throughout the semester and is shared for families on the last day of class.