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Amidon Bowen Elementary School

IStage Littlest Dancers

6 Weeks
Wednesdays, 10/2-11/6
3:45 p.m.-4:45 p.m.
PK 3-4
Class #6537
Students must be enrolled at Amidon Bowen Elementary School to register for this class.

Calling all movers and groovers! In this fusion class, students will explore the basics of ballet, jazz, and hip hop dancing through movement games and dramatic play. Together we will use simple props to create new characters, move through imaginary settings, and learn basic dance technique. We will also explore popular stories through dance, helping students make connections between imaginative worlds and their own movements while working on skills such as rhythm, spatial awareness, and active listening. These classes encourage creative expression and promote confidence and self-esteem. Parents are invited to observe the last 30 minutes of the last class for an informal sharing where the students share what they have learned in class.