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When we opened the doors at our new address in 2003, Imagination Stage reached approximately 20,000 students and audience members each year. Today, we serve nearly 100,000 children and families annually and the number continues to increase. After a decade and a half of outstanding growth, our facility is in need of significant updating and refurbishment.

We are relying on individual, corporate, and foundation donors to complement the generous state funds we have received to help us create a more modern, flexible, and interactive space.

Thank you for your continued encouragement, and for the opportunity to share our plans for the future with you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Our Director of Development, Chelsey Christensen, can be reached directly at 301-280-1625 or cchristensen@imaginationstage.org.


• Imagination Stage Gallery - $50,000

• Imagination Stage Lobby - $35,000

• Just Imagine! Concessions - $25,000

• Imagination Zone - $25,000

• Just Imagine! Bench - $15,000

• Costume Corner - $10,000

Digital Display Panels:

Actor Head Shot Board - $5,000
• Theatre (x2) - $5,000
• Education (x2) - $5,000
• Development (x2) - $5,000

Water Bottle Re-Fill Station - $5,000