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2018-2019 Season Subscription (4-Play Package)

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The 2018-2019 Subscription contains the following performances:

Anatole: Mouse Magnifique
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</br>Anatole: Mouse Magnifique</br>

February 9-March 24, 2019
In repertory with Dickens's Davy Copperfield
Book & Lyrics by John Maclay and Lee Becker
Music composed by James Valcq
Directed by Tom Story
Based on the books Anatole ® and Anatole the Cat ® by Eve Titus
Best for Ages 4+

Meet Anatole- mouse magnifique- the best cheese-taster in all of France! In this whimsical musical adventure, Anatole and his best friend Gaston set out to save the Duval cheese factory, only to discover something much scarier than moldy Brie lurking in the tasting room. Can Anatole outsmart the hungry predator and save the factory? Join Anatole, Gaston, and a chorus of dancing cheeses to find out!

Jaysen Wright - Anatole
David Schlumpf - Gaston
Jessica Lauren Ball - Doucette/Charlemagne
Emily Kester - Duval
Alexandra Palting - Mlle. Bouvier
Sophie Schulman - Ensemble
Christopher Rudy - Ensemble

Anatole: Mouse Magnifique from Imagination Stage on Vimeo.

Dickens’s Davy Copperfield
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</br>Dickens’s Davy Copperfield</br>

February 16-March 31, 2019
Written and directed by Janet Stanford
Music and lyrics by Tim Guillot
Freely adapted from Charles Dickens’s semiautobiographical novel David Copperfield
In repertory with Anatole: Mouse Magnifique
Best for Ages 6+
Experience the genius of Charles Dickens through the eyes of a young boy! Follow Davy Copperfield on his childhood adventures in nineteenth-century England. Whether at home with his mother, at boarding school, working in a London bottling factory, or making his epic escape across the English countryside, Davy shows his resilience and determination to find a loving home.

Starring Sophie Schulman as Davy.
Featuring Jessica Lauren Ball, Emily Kester, Alexandra Palting, David Schlumpf, and Jaysen Wright.

Dickens's Davy Copperfield from Imagination Stage on Vimeo.

Escape from Peligro Island
You create your own adventure!
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</br>Escape from Peligro Island</br>
<i>You create your own adventure!</i></br>

April 27-May 26, 2019
Written by Finegan Kruckemeyer
Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer
Best for Ages 5+

Callaway Brown- an unlikely young hero- has been stranded on a desert island, and it’s up to YOU to decide what happens next! In this interactive production, audience members vote on Callaway’s actions in an energetic romp through time and space. Will Callaway time travel to the Wild West and meet a talking horse? Develop superpowers and fight crime in the future? Or have a crush on a vampire? The choice is yours!

Starring Dallas Tolentino as Callaway Brown.
Featuring Tia Shearer and Aaron Bliden.

The Ballad of Mu Lan
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</br>The Ballad of Mu Lan</br>

June 26-August 11, 2019
Written and directed by Alvin Chan
Music by Matt Mazzella
Partnership Production with Honolulu Theatre for Youth
Best for Ages 4+

Courage, honor, and country! When China is forced to war with the invading Xia Xia, each family must send one man into battle. In her quest to protect her baba, our young heroine proves girls can do anything- including saving a nation. Inspired by Peking Opera, this partnership production with the Honolulu Theatre for Youth is full of music, pageantry, and humor.

Justine Moral - Mu Lan
Jacob Yeh - Xiu Qie / Huan Hu
Ryan Sellers - General Fei
Rafael Sebastian - Jin Yong / Emperor
Daniel Glenn Westbrook - Xi Xia King / Adviser
Matt Mazzella - Musician